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Angèle's Drafting & Design is located in Fort St. John, British Columbia and provides services across British Columbia including residential home plans, field reviews, orthographic drawings, as-built drawings, and EnerGuide Home Evaluations.

Angèle's Drafting & Design


Angèle’s Drafting & Design is owned and operated by Angèle Heinrichs, that’s me, and is located in Fort St. John, British Columbia. I have been serving both northern and central British Columbia since 2008. 

I specialize in a variety of drafting services which include: EnerGuide Home Evaluations, new home design plans, home renovations, building floor plans, field reviews, orthographic drawings, and as-built drawings. I’m here to draft your next project!

Having lived in the Alberta and British Columbia as well as growing up in a construction family, I am familiar with local building practices. Since moving to Fort St. John in 2000, I’ve worked for local structural engineering firms as well as manufacturing facilities. To find out more about myself, please visit my LinkedIn profile here. Be sure to also check out my reviews on Yelp and Google or have a look at the bottom of this page at my testimonials. I deliver great customer service and I’m sure I can help you. I am also a proud member for the Canadian Home Builder's Association in Northern BC

Contact me today for a free consultation! I am available to work on your next project across Northern British Columbia.


Below is list of the current services I provide. If you have any questions or can’t find what you are looking for, please contact me. I am happy to assist and discuss any projects that may include drafting services not listed below.


I can do both single and multi-family homes. From custom dream homes to additions and renovations and everything in between. My drawings meet the current BC Building Code and local bylaws.


EnerGuide Home Evaluation

I am a Registered Energy Advisor under Natural Resources Canada. Modeling and air tightness testing
new homes. 

Third-Party Field Reviews

Make sure your project complies to code and your design. I can do these for the owner or for design firms who are unable to visit the site. 

Orthographic Drawings

If you are looking to fabricate or manufacture something, orthographic drawings precisely depict the item in question. That means, two-dimensional drawings of your item that can be used fabricate multiple units or have the item patented.

As-Built Drawings

If you are looking to renovate or do an addition, these drawings will provide the base for your project. This service entails several site visits to measure your building. The information is then converted into a digital drawing representing the building as it currently stands.

Residential Plans

My inspired creations strive to deliver beautiful yet comfortable spaces for my customers. I believe design can enhance how we live and this is the inspiration behind every single project Angèle's Drafting & Design takes on. Check out our most recent projects below! Give us a call if you’d like to learn more about how I can help you on your next project.


"Angele provides professional and superb drafting services. I find she is our first choice due to her reliable quality work, conscientious treatment of proposed projects, and timely results. Angele's assistance is appreciated by our company."

Curt Embleton, Embleton Construction Ltd.

“We’re so grateful for the wonderful interactions, expert advice, and support we received from the experts at Angèle's Drafting & Design. Our new space has been a real hit with our guests.”

Riley Jones

"Great level service! Angèle is great at what she does and is very attentive to client needs. She delivers projects on time and provides exceptional work."

Jean Nairon

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