Below is list of the current services I provide. If you have any questions or can’t find what you are looking for, please contact me. I am happy to assist and discuss any projects that may include drafting services not listed below.


Residential home plans

I’ve done design work for both single and multi-family homes. From custom dream homes to additions and renovations and everything in between. My drawings meet the current BC Building Code as well as the local bylaws. Once complete they are ready to submit with the permit applications to the local authorities


Commercial building plans

The design of new commercial buildings along side other design professionals is an available service. If you are looking to update or add on to an existing building I can do that too!


Field reviews

Field reviews ensure code and design compliance. They can be conducted as a private service or on behalf of out of town design professionals who are unable to visit the build site.Subjects available for reviews are concrete reinforcing placement, framing, construction and civil service installations.


Orthographic drawings

If you are looking to fabricate or manufacture something orthographic drawings precisely depict the item in question. That means, two-dimensional drawings of your item that can be used fabricate multiple units or have the item patented.


As-built drawings

Having a drawing record of your existing building is always important. If you are looking to renovate or do an addition, these drawings will provide the base for your project. This service entails several site visits to measure the building in question. The information is then converted into a digital drawing representing the building as it currently stands.


Working Shot copy


Hands Drawing2





Hourly rate: $70 per hour (for all categories of service)

Construction drawings: Fees are quoted upon completion of preliminary drawings and vary depending on the type of project


All projects require a deposit before I begin work. Should the overall project cost be lower than the deposit, a refund will be issued to you after applying taxes. Should the deposit be consumed prior to completion of the project, a second deposit will be required prior to continuing work. Deposits are a way to ensure payment has been secured for work requested and ensure work can continue on schedule. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


For more information on project fees and estimates, please contact me today!




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